Thursday 19 May 2016

Branded Smoothie Machine from BaByliss

When kids are just starting to learn their letters and numbers, their teachers help them by associating them to the names or shapes of various objects, respectively. 1 looks like a cane, A is for apple, 2 looks like a swan, and so on. Once they reach their adulthood, it is easier for them to remember stuff through this technique as well. But what if you see two things that are in no way related to each other, but they are still together?

Romanticists call that star-crossed lovers, yet in this blog we call that as one of the promotional strategies of BaByliss, a brand that manufactures hair tools for professionals. Their promo gift is none other than a Cuisinart smoothie machine!

Branded Smoothie Machine from BaByliss

While you’re wrapping your mind around that, let us itemize the rewards the brand may get from this gift with purchase.
  1. Individuality. The first thing we can say about this is that now no one will ever say that the BaByliss likes to play safe with their promotions. Their sense of individuality, their drive to power through the most mundane things, is so evident in this branded smoothie machine.
  2. Higher Profits. This high-end promo gift does not often come as a freebie. People will definitely get mildly shocked when they find out about this, but at the same time they will also be quite excited to get this. The customers’ delight is what will bring higher profits to the brand.
  3. More Brand Awareness. Allotting so much effort in seeking ways to market your brand is paid off when you see that more and more consumers become aware of the products you’re selling. This smoothie maker is not a basic necessity whatsoever; however, it is not a bad thing to have it at home either, especially if it comes for free.

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