Thursday 19 May 2016

Free Tote Bag – Catherine Malandrino GWP

Kesha, a world-renowned American artist, once uttered these words: “You don’t have to carry a designer bag that costs more than a car to look cool.” And she is so right, you know, because the bag is just an accessory. It’s still the person’s attitude that can wow others. A very expensive bag will go unnoticed if its owner has the kind of personality that is a tad bit bothersome for everyone. Besides, it will be unreasonable to spend so much on a designer product when there are ways to get it free of charge.

We’re talking mostly about gift with purchase, just like this free tote bag from Catherine Malandrino.

Free Tote Bag – Catherine Malandrino GWP

Incentives from this GWP
  • Pay Less, Get More. This is the incentive that consumers will get from this gift with purchase. When they make purchases from the brand and meet their pre-designed amount, the people will be able to get this tote bag for free.
  • Intensified Brand Importance. In whatever angle we try to look at it, a bag that looks this good is going to cost a lot. However, Catherine Malandrino is giving it as a promo gift, that’s why their importance to the customers will intensify.
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