Wednesday 18 May 2016

Viktor & Rolf’s Promotional Funnel

A person’s mind's eye can see far beyond what our regular eyes can. Despite the fact that there are brands that refuse to gamble and take risks when it comes to their promotional ideas, there are also brands that prefer to use more unique gift with purchase to promote their products. The previous ones are practically the daredevils in the business industry – the fearless brands. It’s not because they have nothing to lose; it’s because they know they have so much to gain if this uncommon promo gift of theirs gets the affection of the customers.

Viktor & Rolf is one of these ‘fearless’ brands. The gift with purchase for their Flower Bomb perfume? A funnel. Learn how the brand can benefit from this.

Viktor & Rolf’s Promotional Funnel

  • Quite Unexpected. This is a glamorous brand, so the promotional funnel is quite unexpected by the consumers. But if we think about it, it really is just perfect for the brand’s merchandise, because it will lessen the chances of spilling the perfume when refilling the bottle.
  • Adds to the Brand’s Worth. When people realize the essence of this promo gift, they will end up with the idea that the brand is actually looking after them, that they don’t the fragrance to get wasted, especially when the customers have worked hard for the money they used to buy the Flower Bomb. This adds to the brand’s worth.
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