Thursday 5 May 2016

Gift with Purchase Towel by Bloomingdale’s

The cold days are over in the right side of the globe, and climate change is kicking up, so when you say that the heat is on, it is really, really, really on. And there is no escaping it – not unless you have enough funding for airfare to go to another country where the season is the opposite.

But then again, even if you do have budget for that, why pass up your ultimate chance to flaunt your toned body on the beach in exchange for a few days or weeks of wearing thick jackets and having dry skin?

Just in time for the summer is Bloomingdale’s gift with purchase plush towel, which can be availed whenever you buy swimwear from the brand’s virtual store.

Gift with Purchase Towel by Bloomingdale’s

Benefits of Offering In-Season Gift with Purchase
  1. There’s a clamor for it. It is normal for people to want to pair a new accessory with new clothes. For this reason, it may be relevant to say that when they buy new swimming wear, they will also want fresh stuff to bring to the beach. While Bloomingdale’s can’t provide a brand-new beach bag, they can give away a free towel that can bring more sales and customers to their path.
  2. It is truly useful. What does this promo gift have that other towels don’t? When you carry this anywhere, you don’t need any bag anymore because it has a special secret zipper compartment where you can place your mobile phone and other essentials.
  3. Brand awareness is intensified. The power of chitchat can really help a brand amplify potential consumers’ knowledge about it. When current clients tell their chums how they got this gift with purchase, these people may possibly want to get one for themselves as well, or even just look for other things to buy at the website.
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