Thursday 5 May 2016

Free Facial Brush from Origins

Brands that host gift with purchase items are not an absolute rarity. We always find those in the supermarkets, and company owners make nice profit out of them. But what happens to a brand like Origins that combines a couple of its regular products and freebie to create a triad of gifts with purchase?

Free Facial Brush from Origins

Do feel free to find out if this is going to be profitable for your business as well. Check out the benefits of doing something out of the ordinary for your brand.

  • Fresh Promo Gift. Consumers do not always see these items as giveaways. Thus, it is somewhat fresh to their eyes and may be able to get them curious enough to purchase whatever has to be purchased from the brand just to get these items.
  • Merchandise Aplenty. The free facial brush that comes within the pack is just one of the three gifts you can get out of this sweet deal, and the others are actual merchandise from the brand. This means that the consumers will truly receive more than what they have paid for. Not all producers do this, mind you.
  • Raise Brand Significance. It seems to be hard to dislike someone or something that is giving you more than what you signed up for, that’s why marketing ideas like Origin's can raise brand value and possibly make it the apple of the buyers’ eyes.

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