Friday 6 May 2016

Premium Free Tumbler from Ginebra San Miguel

Ginebra San Miguel is a beverage brand that even the littlest kids of the new generation in the Philippines knows, thanks to the popularity of a basketball team that shares the brand name and is owned by it as well. For fathers, this is said to be the kind of liquor that they drink with their friends and adult children to celebrate a special occasion, like a graduation, a birthday or a wedding.

Since family members who aren’t of drinking age yet cannot savor this gin, well, they can experience some of the goodness of the brand through the premium free tumbler that goes with 2 bottles of Ginebra San Miguel.

Premium Free Tumbler from Ginebra San Miguel

Brand Gains from the Gift with Purchase
  • Heightened Customer Interest. Ginebra has been around for ages, but there are some things they know they still need to do to maintain or, much better, increase the interest that the consumers are showing towards the brand. They do that through their promotional strategies like this that their clientele actually give importance to.
  • Bigger Proceeds. The free tumbler aids in bringing bigger proceeds to the brand, as it looks awesome and seems to be made from aluminum instead of plastic. What this guarantees is that, if ever the consumer accidentally lets go of it and it hits the pavement or any solid surface, it will not break.
  • Higher Brand Prominence. Consumers can really be satisfied just by the look and feel of the on-pack promotion. This is how the brand gains more prominence in the industry that they are into.

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