Thursday 26 May 2016

Giorgio Armani GWP Duffel Bag

Perhaps one of the advantages that men have over women is that they are not as fickle-minded as the latter. While women have body scrub, bubble baths of different smells and colors, hair conditioner and shampoo of special kinds, most men are quite contented with any shampoo and soap or shower gel that they have first set their eyes on when they went to the supermarket last. In terms of bags, women have tote, shoulder, satchel, boho and all these other names, but for guys they are all just bags in various shapes and sizes.

However, the most used type of bag for athletes and travelers must be the duffel bag. You know, that cylindrical-shaped bag with a long strap? You can buy it in physical and online stores, but you can also get it as a gift with purchase from Giorgio Armani.

Giorgio Armani GWP Duffel Bag

What Makes It a Stand-Out GWP?
  • It’s Very High Quality. This is not an imitation; this is really a Giorgio Armani product. This promotional duffel bag is connotative to the words ‘premium’, ‘excellently made’ and ‘high-end’, which much emphasis to each of them, because that’s what it is.
  • The Brand Logo is Well-Placed. People will not have to flip this promo gift in different ways to find the brand name, because it is right at the top of the bag – very hard to miss. This is more visible than the brand names that are placed on the bottom right or bottom left of the product.
  • It Upholds Brand Reputation. Giorgio Armani is a top-class brand – it’s not something someone can argue about. The duffel bag is one of their outstanding marketing ideas that stands out so well from the others and upholds the brand’s reputation.
The Marketing Gifts blog contains many GWP and on-pack promotion samples too. Be sure to check them all out for a better idea on how to market your brand.

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