Wednesday 25 May 2016

Advertising Gift: Promotional Wristbands from Seattle Mariners

23 is a memorable number of a lot of sports fanatics all over the world. We can’t help but think that this must be the lucky two digits for some of the most successful athletes in their own fields. The NBA superstar Michael Jackson wore his jersey with this number at the back, as well as David Beckham when he started playing for Real Madrid and then for LA Galaxy. Also, since two years ago, when Nelson Cruz decided to sign a four-year contract to the Seattle Mariners, he has been playing with the same number on his uniform.

In connection with the latter, probably to inspire more kids to follow their idols’ paths, together with Aquafina, the Seattle Mariners are giving away promotional wristbands with Nelson Cruz’ name and uniform number on it.

Advertising Gift: Promotional Wristbands from Seattle Mariners

Perks from a Special Advertising Gift
  • Brand Name is Very Obvious. The words 'Seattle Mariners' are not spelled out on the promotional wristbands, but their logo is enough to distinguish where they came from. They also utilized the team’s colors for each piece, and they did not forget to add their sponsor’s name. All of these things are good for the business.
  • It’s Quite Thoughtful. Branding aside, this is quite a thoughtful promo gift because they must have known that children who attend ball games have more than enough energy to run around or jump up and down during the whole game to cheer for their favorite team. Then they end up sweating. Therefore, they can use their new wristbands to wipe off the sweat on their faces.
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