Tuesday 24 May 2016

Free Gold-toned Bracelet – NUXE Paris Gift with Purchase

Did you know that, regardless of how much money you got in the bank, you can’t wear a 24-carat gold? It is a soft metal, which means it is going to be deformed if you try to turn it into a necklace or ring without combining it with few other elements to solidify it first. That’s quite an interesting thing to know, right?

But science aside, did you also know you can get a bling that resembles the beauty of gold even though there’s not even an ounce of this precious metal in it? Yes, you can have a free gold-toned Nilaï bracelet as a gift with purchase from NUXE Paris at the Hudson's Bay!

Free Gold-toned Bracelet – NUXE Paris Gift with Purchase

If we see it as a sophisticated gift with purchase, what do you think it means for the brand?
  • Additional Customers. Current customers of NUXE will not keep this a secret from their friends, especially if they are into wearing matching jewels on an occasional basis. Thus, the free bracelet will help the brand gain additional customers.
  • Greater Revenues. There is a specific amount that consumers have to reach before they get this promo gift from the brand. Most people who have more to spend will work on meeting this requirement to obtain the bracelet, and so greater revenues will come to both brands.
  • Finer Brand Remembrance. The end-goal of any brand, apart from achieving their financial quota, is probably to be remembered by their customers forever. Only the brands that did a good job at keeping their target market happy gets to attain such a thing. Hence, the gift with purchase brings this particular brand closer than ever to that kind of achievement.

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