Monday 16 May 2016

KFC Gift with Purchase – Free NBA Cup

Even though people say that fast foods are bad for your health, you must admit that eating greasy fries and juicy burgers can give you so much pleasure, especially when you haven’t had any in a long while. For some, just the thought of going inside their favorite fast-food chain and looking up at their menu brings smiles to their faces. This applies not just for the kiddos, but also for students who just went through difficult exams and young professionals who would rather spend their Friday night eating than drinking beer.

But perhaps people will frequent these places now once they find out that the promo gift items given away are not solely for kids anymore. Take a good look at this free cup from KFC and see how great of a gift with purchase it is.

KFC Gift with Purchase – Free Cup

  • Follows the Trend. The NBA games are still on, and even those who live outside of the US are keeping a close watch on the teams they are supporting. The free cup is adorned with the logos of the NBA teams, which can only mean that the brand knows what’s making noise in the world, and they are following this trend to gain more consumers.
  • Garners Higher Sales. When the brand gets more customers, this is directly proportional to the rise of their sales. The gift with purchase can be one helpful tool in getting these most coveted profits that every brand wants.
  • Modernizes the Brand. We have known KFC for a long time now, but they are not really the type to use freebies in their promotional strategies. However, this promo gift shows that they are modernizing their ways , and they’re doing a great job at it.

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