Tuesday 17 May 2016

Marketing Idea from Rexona – Promotional Tumbler

The world needs your help. We have more than four minutes to save the planet, and we can start by reducing the need to manufacture disposable plastic bottles and bags that clog our water resources and pollute the air. If it’s carrier that we need when we shop, we can bring reusable bags. And if it’s water container that we need when we go out, we can fill a tumbler like this one from Rexona, so that we no longer have to buy water from the store.

Marketing Idea from Rexona – Promotional Tumbler

Other Reasons Why Promotional Tumbler is a Nice Gift with Purchase
  • Cuts Customers’ Additional Expenses. When you are driving, swimming, hiking or doing anything that will burn up your energy, you will feel thirsty no matter what. The urge to buy cold drinks is strong at this time, but if you have this promo gift on hand, you can just open it and, voila, your thirst is quenched, and your money is saved.
  • Brings Higher Sales to the Brand. The brand literally can earn more from this gift with purchase as well, because the tumbler does not look like the others you regularly see in the shops, yet it looks very long-lasting.
  • Makes the Brand Extra Valuable. Let us put this in another situation. If you are to choose between two people you just met, will you be friendlier to the one who offers you a chocolate, or to the one who doesn’t, even if he has chocolate too? We are saying this because people are generally warmer to the brands that show them importance, and this on-pack promotion helps Rexona experience this warmth from their consumers.

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