Tuesday 17 May 2016

Promo Gift Idea: Cosmetic Brush from J. Cat Beauty

The changes going on all over the planet is not only evident in the climate – even in the beauty products too. If back then women have to wet a cake-like foundation before it can be used, now they can get liquid-based primer and foundation at a price that is not so far off from the solid-based one. Instead of lipstick too that easily gets removed when you drink or water, there are lipsticks now in matte finish that needs no re-application throughout the day. Even blushers have stick version too, but the problem we see with that is that consumers may not be able to spread it as much as usual blushers can. Hence, this promo gift idea from J. Cat Beauty can help women remember the good points of using blushers in powder form.

Promo Gift Idea: Kabuki Brush from J. Cat Beauty

Advantages of Giving Away Promotional Cosmetic Brush
  • Good for Brand Placement. The kabuki brush is just small – it can barely even cover someone’s palm – but this is great for brand name placement. When women use it on a daily basis, they will grow fond of the brand even more.
  • Awesome Gift with Purchase. To avail this promo gift, consumers only have to spend $12 on J. Cat products. This is quite a nice deal from a high-quality cosmetic brand. It means you don’t have to cash out a lot before you can get this freebie.
Great promotional ideas can start helping you market your brand as soon as you drink in everything from the Marketing Gifts blog.

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