Wednesday 15 June 2016

Branded Denture Brush from Polident

If you think babies only cry when they are hungry, in pain or need their diapers changed, you must have not been around them long enough to see that they also cry when it’s time to brush their little teeth. It’s not really because they are getting hurt; it’s just that the toothbrush and how it is used are foreign to them.

Parents teach the importance of brushing your teeth religiously as soon as their children can understand what they are saying, primarily because they want them to not need dentures in the future. However, if dentures are the only way you can feel confident at meeting other people and giving them a full smile, then you should immediately get a cleanser like Polident. Purchasing their product today allows you to have this branded denture brush to keep your false teeth sparkly white.

Branded Denture Brush from Polident

But for the brand, what can this on-pack promotion do?
  • Make It More Saleable. The branded denture brush can make it more saleable because it means the consumers do not need to look for them in the store. There are some who get so shy of asking the saleslady for it, that they just go with the regular toothbrush, but their bristles are harder than the former. Hence, the promo gift is heaven-sent for them.
  • Escalate Customers’ Loyalty. Because customers already know which brand gives denture brush as a gift with purchase, this is where they’re going to put their loyalty to. Whenever they need the same products again, they will only look for the brand that they trust.
  • Increase Brand Consciousness. Many people wear false teeth. Sometimes, they even know one another. If someone recommends the brand’s products to their friends or colleagues, it readily increases the potential consumers’ consciousness about the brand.

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