Wednesday 15 June 2016

Adorable Free Flower Pen – Pure ‘n Fresh GWP

A teenager’s life is so exciting, don’t you think? You get to have a say on what clothes you want to wear; you can attend birthdays, camping trips, and friendly dates without your over-protective parents fussing so much over you; and you can blame zits and whatnot to hormones. But the best of all is that you are allowed to enjoy childish stuff still, since people know that you are still in a transition period between childhood and adulthood – a phase in which trying different things is most A-okay.

If you want to learn about what’s ‘in’ with teenagers, you may want to look at unique pens that keep on invading the market. Pure ‘n Fresh, a local personal care brand, is even giving away a free flower pen with every bottle of feminine wash. Copying how millennials talk these days, we say that this on-pack promotion is totes adorbs!

Adorable Free Flower Pen – Pure ‘n Fresh GWP

Thrilling Specifics About This Free Flower Pen
  • Tickles Customer’s Curiosity. When new products come out, people want to see what makes it different from the older ones. With this brand, the difference they will immediately see is that a free flower pen is already included with the regular merchandise – and a distinctive one at that.
  • Bumps Up Brand Recognition. A gift with purchase can bump up the social recognition for novice brands like Pure ‘n Fresh. The colorful pen will ultimately attract consumers’ attention, and then they will notice the product the item is with. If they like the freebie, they will become more persuaded to make a purchase.
  • Brand Significance Rises. Right on the spot, consumers can instantaneously find this as a more significant brand, as a consequence of this promo gift. There are other brands that have been in the business for so long, yet their promotional ideas are limited to brochures and TV commercials, which cannot really elevate consumer’s experience.

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