Thursday 16 June 2016

Movie Merchandise: Civil War Lunch Box from Lady's Choice

Have you ever wondered why more brands capitalize on promotional ideas that are inclined towards the younger age group? This is not entirely for the fact that they are easier to produce; it is further because they want to gain the loyalty of the future generation of buyers while they are still in their childhood and unable to make solid decisions yet. They create toys and other interesting things, so when the kids grow older and have their own family, they will also steer their children to the brands that they have been using since they were 6 or 8 years old.

Lady’s Choice is a mayonnaise brand. Its products are not mainly for children, yet their on-pack promotion today is a lunch box that has the image of popular superheroes on it.

Custom-made Lunch Box from Lady's Choice

Exceptional Properties of a Custom-made Lunch Box
  • Great Brand Name Vessel. Lady’s Choice will have no problem printing their logo on this gift with purchase, as it is a large vessel that can carry even a brand name that’s the size of your palm.
  • Spreads Information About the Brand. It is common for kids to crow about their new educational items during the first day of school. You can expect their classmates to be amazed by it, since they know the fictional characters at the front, and this type cannot be bought anywhere else. The child spreads information about the brand already when he or she says where the promotional lunch box came from.
  • Enlarges Revenues. Children do not mind if their stuff are all similar. They actually like that they can eat in the same container during recess and lunch time. Thus, the promo gift enlarges the revenues of Lady’s Choice.

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