Wednesday 29 June 2016

Branded Face Towel from Belo Essentials

The skin on your face is more sensitive than the skin on your arms and legs altogether. It is softer and thinner, so it is more prone to being damaged by overexposure to sun, dirt and humidity. This is the reason behind the greater number of skincare products intended for the face.

In the Philippines, there is a brand called Belo Essentials whose merchandise have been formulated by the top dermatologists in the country. For this month, their in-pack promotion is a free towel that is safe for facial use.

Branded Face Towel from Belo Essentials

Here are the advantages of grabbing this branded face towel.
  • Guaranteed Quality. Since it comes from a skincare brand, you get assurance that their promo gift will not be harsh on the skin. When you clean your face with it, it won’t get irritated.
  • Newfound Adoration for the Brand. The name Belo is popular in the aesthetics industry, especially to the local celebrities. However, they have just recently ventured into creating cosmetic products, that’s why the gift with purchase is much needed by them to promote new merchandise.

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