Wednesday 29 June 2016

Fancy Bunny Ring Holder - Advertising Gift from Birchbox

Did you know that alcohol, food, cigarette and drugs are not the only substances that people can get addicted to?

Yes, that’s right, because many individuals have the tendency to get hooked into bags, shoes, clothes and jewelries so much that these can fill several suitcases to the brim. If their room is small enough for these stuff, they do not mind adding an extra room in the house that is dedicated solely for their beloved collection(s). Some people may disapprove of such extravagance, but this is still much acceptable than having a serious addiction.

Thus, if you have a deep love for accessories, you will enjoy loading up the ears of this golden bunny from Birchbox with your gorgeous rings.

Fancy Bunny Ring Holder - Advertising Gift from Birchbox

Reimbursements of Giving Away A Free Ring Holder
  • Shows Individuality. Other brands often have clutches and fancy bracelets as gift with purchase, but not always a cute holder for rings. This can set Birchbox apart from its competitors, and make it more sellable.
  • Displays Elegance. The promo gift bunny is really loveable, yet you cannot miss the elegance that its gold color projects. Your vanity table will have a great treasure added to it once you get this.
  • Increases Bankability. The brand that produces gifts, regardless if they are not on-pack promotion, are more precious to consumers. This is a great edge for the manufacturers, because it increases their bankability.

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