Friday 24 June 2016

Branded Sauce Plate from Select Soy Sauce

Condiments play an important role on everybody’s favorite dish. Any noodle recipe cannot be complete minus salt. Flans will not be sweet without sugar. Dumplings won’t be as great if you do not have soy sauce to dip them into. All in all, they enhance the taste of foods to make them more appealing to our palates.

And they become most appealing when there is a gift with purchase waiting for consumers. Like with Select Soy Sauce, for instance, you can get a free kitchen product in the form of a yellow sauce plate.

Branded Sauce Plate from Select Soy Sauce

Delicious Benefits from a Free Gift with Purchase
  • Related to the Merchandise. Some consumers have to think twice before getting a specific promo gift because they do not know where the free item can be of use. However, with this particular sauce plate, they know what it is for and how it is related to the merchandise.
  • Upsurge in Sales. Giving a simple on-pack promotion is necessary in order for the customers to just put the product in their cart and move on to the next entry on the list. They immediately see its usefulness, and so there will be an upsurge in sales for the brand.
  • Healthier Brand Consciousness. Select is a local brand that does not have a lot of supporters yet. But due to the free sauce plate, it will be more known to potential consumers.

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