Friday 24 June 2016

Promotional Changing Mat by Growee

It is customary for public restrooms to have a changing table where moms and dads can clean up their child’s blown up diaper. This is a thoughtful idea, because consumers used to be frantic whenever the baby unfortunately soils his or her pants when they are not in a house. They simply cannot tell their little nugget when to do the #2, so the adults have be the ones to make adjustments.

But irrespective of the additions made by establishments on their powder rooms, families still have to bring a changing mat to place the baby on. Well, tell you what – you can get the on-pack promotion when you purchase a 150-mL bottle of Growee drops.

Promotional Changing Mat by Growee

Clear Advantages of a Promotional Changing Mat
  • Faultless Brand Visibility. As shown on the promo gift package, the brand logo and slogan are distinctly placed on the mat. The potential consumers will see it immediately even from afar. The new owners of the product as well will remember to buy again from the brand.
  • Captures Consumers’ Affection. Consumers normally are warmer to brands that employ gift with purchase in their marketing ideas. They feel wiser when they can get two products in one every time. This makes the changing mat a great decision.
  • Appeals to More Customers. Newbies when it comes to child-rearing always ask for recommendations from the seasoned parents about which brands are appropriate for their babies’ needs. Growee’s merchandise are already the go-to food supplement of Filipino mothers, but there is no doubt that the promotional mat makes the brand valuable to more customers.

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