Wednesday 8 June 2016

Free Lanyard – Gift with Purchase by Peanuts

Self-introduction is a challenge to some people. It is as if they are getting tongue-tied or have forgotten how to form coherent sentences, and so they end up with a barely audible “Hi”. This transforms into a problem when they go into the corporate world where it is like a major requirement to have confidence in yourself all the time. If only you can just bring a name tag and hang it on your neck so that you don’t have to speak in front of people you just met, no?

On the other hand, in connection with name tags, this free lanyard from Peanuts can be used as a necklace for any identification card that you have.

Free Lanyard – Gift with Purchase by Peanuts

This gift with purchase is a treasure for Peanuts, since:
  1. It’s a brand pit. To the kids and kids-in-spirit, the character of Snoopy in the Peanuts movie is phenomenal. Now, this promo gift is filled with nothing by Snoopy’s face. Someone only has to take one glance at this brand mine, and they will know exactly its origin.
  2. It requires less purchase. The free lanyard is more affordable, because you only need to spend less than 10 dollars in other Peanuts merchandise before you can receive this item for free. Consumers who follow a stricter budget will highly admire this.
  3. It endorses the brand better. This is not an on-pack promotion, but when the consumer starts wearing the lanyard, they are wordlessly endorsing the brand to the public. Therefore, those people who haven’t seen this promotion at the mall will gain knowledge about it.

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