Tuesday 7 June 2016

Advertising Gift from Belo – Branded Pump Bottle

A person’s inquisitiveness does not expire when they enter junior high or university level. New stuff will always come up at any age, and it is human nature to want to find answers about things that are not clear to them.

For instance, we used to wonder why beauty and wellness shops sell pump bottles, because when the question arose we had no need for them. But came the opportunity to go to an island getaway, and travel-sized toiletries ran out, and only large bottles of shampoo and shower gel are available, and then… ding! Now we know what the unfilled bottles are for.

At Watsons stores in the Philippines, you can attain a branded pump bottle from Belo.

Advertising Gift from Belo - Branded Pump Bottle

Advantages from Branded Advertising Gifts
  • Clear Source. Because so much merchandise can be found at the market these days, sometimes they get mistaken as another brand’s item if the brand logo is not clear. As you notice from the image above, the word ‘Belo’ is very readable on the gift with purchase. Thus, its source is known.
  • Product Value Upgraded. The value of the product gets upgraded in the eyes of the consumers, even if the actual price does not, when a promo gift is attached to them. The regular goods definitely look more appealing with free items.
  • Brand Essence Raised. The branded pump bottle is indispensable for this specific on-pack promotion because the customers need a container like this when they utilize the product. Since Belo thought of this beforehand and offered a nice solution to a problem that hasn’t even crossed the person’s mind yet, their essence in the community is raised.

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