Tuesday 7 June 2016

Gift with Purchase Nit Comb from Zerolice

Lice are unpredictable parasites. You do not get a week or even a day’s notice of when they plan to inhabit your head. You just find out when they have already started building not just their home, but their entire empire on top of your scalp. They are even smart enough to make your hair their personal egg incubator slash bridge. Therefore, whoever hasn’t had a very personal encounter with icky lice during their childhood is one lucky person.

Thankfully, detaching these insects from you now does not have to take a lot of effort. Get Zerolice shampoo from any Watsons store, and receive this on-pack promotion in the form of a GWP nit comb.

GWP Nit Comb from Zerolice

Advantages Tailored for Zerolice
  • Great Product Reception. We have heard people mention that lice mainly come in tropical weathers, as they cannot stand the coldness of winter. How true that is, we cannot ascertain. Yet, we know only that the brand’s products are well-received by the consumers greater because of the free comb.
  • Increased Brand Distinguishability. Their best advantage over other brands is that they have a promo gift added to their regular merchandise. Remember the thought that instantly clicks in people’s minds: “Why purchase from a brand that has no freebie if you can go to another with same products plus freebies?” You can count on it to increase your distinctiveness.
  • Additional Significance. Often times, consumers don’t look at the expensiveness of the gift with purchase. Instead, they hone in on its usefulness to them. Nit combs are specially utilized to remove lice and their eggs, and you can’t use any normal comb in its place, as it just won’t work. If the brand thinks like this, they will receive additional significance from their customers.

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