Tuesday 14 June 2016

Merle Norman Cosmetics - Promotional Travel Cup

The world is filled with beautiful architectures that will leave you amazed forever. You cannot say that you have truly existed if you still have not hiked up the Great Wall of China, heard the Big Ben’s time indicator, posed for a photo-op in front of the Eiffel Tower, or climbed the tallest mountain in Nepal.

In all of these travails, it is great to have a constant companion that you can really connect to. However, for a change, other than thinking of bring your best friend or your lovey dovey, why not bring this cute travel cup from Merle Norman Cosmetics?

Merle Norman Cosmetics - Promotional Travel Cup

The advantages that the maker will achieve from this promo gift are:
  • Boundless Brand Awareness. Countless number of people all over the world will get a chance to see the promotional travel cup, and the brand only has had to create it and add it to their Color Collection. They almost did not need to use any promotional strategies, as they already did it wisely with this gift.
  • Boosted Brand Worth. If Merle Norman’s gift with purchase can attract the attention of those who make great impact to others’ lives – bloggers, travel writers, business execs, newscasters, etc. – it can be featured on different outlets. This instant celebrity status will definitely boost the brand’s value.

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