Tuesday 14 June 2016

Specialized Free Towel by Puma

The comfortable socks made by Puma have saved a lot of feet from callouses and discomfort, particularly when the person’s brand-new shoes still haven’t been broken in. Thinking of how many people would have gone to their physicians just because their too thin or less elastic socks have caused them injury in one way or another does not provide us a cool vision. Thus, we have so much to thank such brands for.

Puma is taking their customers’ great experience a notch higher, since the brand has enlisted Aquazorb fingertip towel as their latest gift with purchase.

Specialized Free Towel by Puma

Specialized Perks from Exclusive Promotional Ideas
  • Quality Beyond Question. When a promo gift comes from a brand that consumers know as the expert in making that specific product, they do not ever doubt its quality. They simply purchase whatever has to be purchased, and look forward to feeling the softness of the towel in their hands.
  • Widespread Brand Information. It is quite amazing to learn about the number of athletes and athletes’ parents who are often on the lookout for the best towels they can use. Getting the branded gift with purchase will make the brand information spread like wildfire.
  • Sales Go Loco. The sales can go crazy high due to this free towel. Consumers do not have to buy a year’s worth of socks just to obtain the gift, but they may want to get extra pairs of socks so that they can have handy towels on the house.

On-pack promotion can be a profit-driving way to promote your brand as well. Go to the Marketing Gifts blog to see our two cents about them.

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