Monday 13 June 2016

Customized Soap Dispenser from Kojie San

The time when someone is classified or pre-judged based on his or her skin color has been terminated ages ago. Individuals are now seen according to their attitude and aptitude, which is the most righteous thing to do. However, the obsession towards changing one’s complexion must be ingrained in our blood vessels, that’s why tanning and whitening solutions are still being developed and sold in varying prices worldwide.

Kojie San is a skin care brand that creates soaps with kojic acid as the active ingredient. It is quite popular among men and women who long to have fairer skin. Meanwhile, some of their bar soaps come with a customized dispenser – a gift with purchase for the sensible.

Customized Soap Dispenser from Kojie San

Why Is It A Sensible GWP Idea?
  1. Soap can Last Longer. Soaps that get soaked in water for hours have shorter life span. It would be fine if you get to use it, but if it only goes straight down the drainage, then it’s as if you are tossing your money in the dumpster. So, this promo gift can prevent this from happening.
  2. Within Someone’s Budget. Consumers will like not just the idea of having a customized soap dispenser, but also the simple truth that this on-pack promotion is totally within their budget. If they calculate how much these products are going to cost when purchased separately, they will understand how generous this brand is to them.
  3. Consumer Devotion is Love. When your merchandise can do what you say it can do, people will devote their money and name to it. This is how they show their love for the brand. You, alternatively, can add gift with purchase sometimes, or other promotional ideas that match with what you sell.

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