Monday 13 June 2016

In-Pack Promo by Kellogg's - Free Adventure Time Bag Tags

The usual setup of kindergarten classrooms is that when the pupils come in, they hang their bags in one side of the room before they can join the others in the center. If you are to recognize something about kids, it is that their hyperactivity often times overshadows their ability to remember most of their parents’ instructions. “Play after lunch.” “Eat your vegetables.” “Put your homework in your bag.”

Children who have only been to school for a few days usually have a hard time distinguishing which one is theirs when it is already mixed with other interesting bags. Therefore, moms and dads will score a nice deal if they can avail this cute bag tag that’s brought to the public by Kellogg’s through an on-pack promotion.

Gift with Purchase by Kellogg's - Free Bag Tag

Helpful Points of the GWP for Kellogg’s
  • Easy on the Eyes. Meaning, the gift with purchase is so adorable that the brand’s target audience will want to open the box fast and get the merchandise right on the spot. They will surely make out these characters from a famous cartoon TV show.
  • Inspires Customers’ Commitment. Customers/parents are not difficult to please, especially if they see that the promo gift brings spark to their baby’s eyes. This naturally seals their judgment that when they go shopping again, they will purchase the brand’s products, with hopes that they can think of more delightful marketing ideas for the young.
  • Lifts the Brand’s Repute. The free bag tag helps Kellogg’s to obtain a well-defined edge over their opponents. This is why you should try to market your brand in a distinctive manner – so that your brand’s repute instantly increases. This is also what lets the brand stay ahead of things for years.

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