Wednesday 22 June 2016

On-the-house Bristle Brush from Billy Jealousy

Men are like women, for the reason that they also need to get special grooming products for different parts of their body. Gone were those men who can bathe with an unbranded, cheap soap that can sometimes double as a shampoo. How about the guys who can go out without perfume or staring at their appearance in the mirror? They may be as extinct as the wild dinosaurs now as well.

The characteristic that has not left most of them, however, is their passion for growing beards. Well, long or medium-length, bushy or not, consumers can get this bristle brush from Beard Envy kit of Billy Jealousy. Since it is on-pack promotion, of course, it can be availed for free.

On-the-house Bristle Brush from Billy Jealousy

Masculine Advantages of Free Bristle Brush
  • Hard-wearing Promo Gift. The brush is made from high-quality wood for frame, and hard-wearing bristles. This gift with purchase can withstand the thickness of any beard without getting broken for a long time.
  • Solid Brand Placement. Manly men will find it easy to remember the brand where they first got this useful free bristle brush due to the logo placed at the wide back of the material.
  • Wild Brand Recognition. You can, but you should not use the same brush you comb the hair on top of your head with to your beard, as the latter is coarser than the former. Your beard will just get tangled to the hairbrush. Guys sporting facial hair naturally will wish to know what kind of brush they can utilize, so when the person they have spoken to knows about the Beard Envy, the brand can achieve wild recognition.

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