Thursday 23 June 2016

Clinique Promotional Idea: Branded Soap Dish

Traveling is fun. However, not all travelers are as adventurous as the next person you will see come out of the door. Even when they want to engage with the natives in a certain place, and experience what it is like to wake up in a different city and walk in the park with new people, they sometimes cannot bring themselves to eat local foods or use products which are domestically made there.

We see no reason why this should be frowned upon. There simply are people who are strict about what things they put in and out of their body, and there is no prevailing law which prohibits them from doing as they please. Moreover, if it is a high-end soap that this person wants, this can be purchased from Clinique, with the added benefit of obtaining a branded soap dish, free of charge.

Clinique Promotional Idea: Branded Soap Dish

Yet, what are the advantages it can provide to the brand?
  • Upholding Its Stature. Clinique is a well-known brand. It has already achieved wide recognition as a manufacturer of high-end merchandise. Yet, giving away a promo gift that is as useful and as elegant as this does nothing but uphold the company’s stature in the society.
  • Strengthening Consumer Loyalty. The branded soap dish is an on-pack promotion that is quite fresh to Clinique’s clientele. They are more used to tote bags and other things like that that, but it does not mean that this free gift cannot strengthen the consumers’ loyalty to the brand.
  • Makes Consumers Want More Products. The gift with purchase can kindle the people’s possible desire to have shampoo and conditioner containers as well that are both branded, since they have made it happen to a soap holder.

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