Thursday 23 June 2016

Twin Glasses - Promo Gift by Glenmorangie

Having twins brings luck to the whole family, according to some superstitious beliefs. Whatever blessing comes your way when a child is born, it gets doubled by the birth of twins. However, as they gain years in this world, you will notice that you cannot buy anything for the first-born that has a different style or design as your second-born’s, because then WWIII will take place in your house. Even when these two reach the drinking age, they may still want the same things. So, the undying solution is to get two of everything, from toys to bikes to shoes to polo shirts.

Now you can even go as far as getting them twin glasses because Glenmorangie is giving them away in a single on-pack promotion.

Twin Glasses - Promo Gift by Glenmorangie
Recompenses of Gifts with Purchase
  • Better Chances of Getting Sold. Consumers will surely get a product that contains two promo gift items instead of one. They like the fact that it makes them a smarter buyer when they can find such promotional ideas that can keep them from overspending.
  • Additional Consumer Gratitude. Even though the gift with purchase will be used for an alcoholic drink, the booze will not wash away the customers’ gratitude for the brand for coming up with such a cool gift.
  • Bigger Brand Significance. The free glasses help the brand attain more significance in the heart of the consumers. Aside from the whiskey, they also like the high-quality, thick-bottomed freebie that will cost a fortune when bought in the store.

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