Monday 27 June 2016

Summer Bag GWP by Dermalogica

The hot breeze of the summer is extremely treasured by the people who have just endured the chilly season. It allows them to tuck their thick jackets deep under the closets and put on their shorts, shirts and flip flops once again. It also is the perfect occasion for them to take a dip in a non-heated pool and stay on the beach all day without getting a frostbite. This climate, in fact, is so special for them that they have personal effects that can be used in different weathers too, but they choose to use only in the sunny weather.

If you are this type of person, you can add this summer bag from Dermalogica in your stash.

Summer Bag GWP by Dermalogica

3 Boons of Getting Customized Gifts
  • Gains an Adorable Motivator. The gift with purchase says: “Take me to the beach.” Every time that the consumer sees the bag, she will be enticed to pack her sunscreen, sunglasses and bottled water, and really go there.
  • Makes a Perfect Brand Memento. When people received a promo gift from the brand, it will become a great reminder for them that if they have to restock their skincare supply, they can visit Dermalogica and observe if there is a new freebie or perhaps an on-pack promotion.
  • Increases Awareness About the Products. In a certain way, the free summer bag can heighten the women’s awareness about Dermalogica’s products because they have to purchase some things prior to availing the bag.

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