Friday 3 June 2016

Trendy Free Scarf from Carven

A scarf is like denims – it looks well with practically everything. You can tie, braid or knot it around your neck; you can form it into a necklace; you can turn it into a beautiful headpiece; and, if you want to try something new, you can use it as a bag. If we are feeling too cheesy, we’d go and say that this is a scarf of all trades. (Too soon?)

Anyway, nicely made scarves from the high-end brands do come in high-end prices too. Meaning, they may be way beyond the budget that some people have made for ‘leisure’. The most fitting solution is to purchase Carven perfume at Nordstrom so as to get this trendy scarf that will probably cost several bucks if bought independently.

Trendy Free Scarf from Carven

Rewarding Benefits from this Promotional Scarf
  1. Extra Brand Reverence. Generally speaking, people show higher respect to other people, animals or brands that are kind to them. We are not trying to be very scientific here, but if you remember Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion, you’ll understand why giving away a promo gift – an endearing act from the brand – has a positive impact to the brand as well.
  2. More Products Purchased. Someone already said that the greatest things in life are the ones that you worked hard to achieve. Before you can get this gift with purchase, you don’t have to pass through obstacles, but you have to do good at your job so that you can have the money to pay for the product first. And once you have the means to buy, well, then more purchases will go to the brand.
  3. Enriched Brand Mindfulness. Millennials use various social media platforms to share interesting things happening to them every day – their travel to/fro work or university, the good Samaritan they met, et cetera. But what you mostly see them post is their OOTD, or “outfit of the day”. In case they have already received this free scarf, they can partner it with any OOTD, and more people will become aware of it, then of where they got it. That’s extra promotion for Carven and Nordstrom.

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