Friday 3 June 2016

Marketing Idea from Walter Mart: Free Beach Towel

When the sun rises in the East, it sets in the West. It isn’t only skiers who travel to a different country when the winter season is over in theirs, just so they will be able to ski all year round. Surfers do it too, as well as other people who have passion for seasonal stuff. As for those who love the sand, the sun, and the sea, they are going to love this free beach towel from Walter Mart supermarket.

Marketing Idea from Walter Mart: Free Beach Towel

Marketing Rewards the Brand Will Receive
  • Higher Returns. Their efforts at thinking up this gift with purchase gets rewarded when they see that more people are buying more merchandise in order to avail the colorful and fluffy beach towel. Unquestionably, that means they will also receive higher returns.
  • Better Brand Familiarity. If you bought groceries from this supermarket for the first time, and yet you already got a free beach towel, the name of that store will not leave your thoughts, and you will wish to do your next shopping there again. This is how promotional ideas help the consumers to become familiar with the brand that’s new to them.
  • Improved Brand Reputation. Surely there are bigger supermarkets than this one, but the reputation that the brand has in the community is what is important. This can make or break any business. A promo gift helps to improve any brand’s social status effectively.

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