Thursday 2 June 2016

GWP by Birchbox - Branded Keychain

If you have watched the animated movie Home, there is a scene there where the alien character exclaims joyfully how much his looks has improved, even when the only thing added to his feature was a fake mole. What we are trying to draw attention to is the fact that even the littlest things have the capacity to create major transformations. It isn’t a pre-requisite to use a lot of striking hues or excessive accessories before someone or something can be called ‘gorgeous’, because there are times that the simple ones are simply the beautiful ones. Got our drift? Cool!

So now you are ready to view this unpretentious-looking branded keychain, brought to you by the one and only Birchbox.

GWP by Birchbox - Branded Keychain

Birchbox Incentives from the Promo Gift
  • More Potential Consumers Reached. The cute branded keychain will more likely help the brand to reach more potential customers, as it looks too good to be a bag ornament. If the person who got this is always out of the house or likes to travel, a better number of people will definitely see this and become aware of the brand.
  • Extra Deals Made. Fingers crossed, the brand awareness through this promo gift will mean that the potential customers will turn to actual consumers who will keep coming back to the store for more. Only then can we say that extra sales have also reached the business.
  • Brand Significance Revitalized. If you need to hit F5 on your computer from time to time to refresh your screen, you also need to refresh your promotional strategies so that your consumers will not get bored with your products. You can host contests or have gift with purchase ready, just like what Birchbox did.

At any time, you can revitalize the way you market your brand. Go to the Marketing Gifts blog for more planning.

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