Thursday 2 June 2016

Free Arm Band – Penshoppe GWP

The love for sports of every human being builds up once again as the starting date of the Rio Olympics comes close. The best athletes in different nations will commune in Brazil to compete for the top spot and the glory that they can bring home. Because of this, many brands are slowly psyching themselves up to this extravagant event, and they do it by introducing sports-related promotional strategies as early as this moment.

Alas, Penshoppe probably has this in their hindsight as well, since their latest on-pack promotion is an arm band that we usually would often see footballers wear. But what kind of goals will the brand meet through it?

Free Arm Band – Penshoppe GWP

  • New Advertisement Canvas. The canvas we’re talking about is the whole arm band. Penshoppe can print, patch or embroider their logo and name on it, and that is already one of the most positive ways to market your brand.
  • Draw In Extra Purchases. So many millennials like the style of the brand’s merchandise. They even have been able to make several international celebrities and fashion models to endorse them. However, the pull of Penshoppe gets even stronger due to this free arm band, since it feels refreshing to be given free stuff sometimes too.
  • Higher Brand Significance. If the gift with purchase results to more purchases, it means that more people believe in the brand and in the products that they propose to their consumers. Likewise, it can boost the brand’s importance to their target market.

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