Wednesday 1 June 2016

Calvin Klein Promo: Gift with Purchase Picture Frame

What seems to be the biggest edge that seasoned brands have over the novices? They have experimented with a lot of marketing ideas that they already have a better inkling on what gimmick will capture their customers’ interest and when is the best time to launch a certain gift with purchase.

Calvin Klein has been garnering a huge clientele since 1968, so it is permissible to say they know their way around the biz very well. Their gift with purchase for Calvin Klein fragrance is a branded picture frame.

Calvin Klein Promo: Gift with Purchase Picture Frame 

What Factors Make It an Awesome GWP?
  • Effective for Promoting Brand Awareness. The photos that you put on the frame is really what will hostage your guests’ attention, but the chances of missing the name of the brand where the promo gift came from are slim to none. This is every brand’s silent goal - to give people constant reminder that they exist.
  • Encourages Customers to Make Purchases. Either it’s because people have fallen in love with the brand’s merchandise or their current customers have decided that they want to fill their tabletop with matching CK picture frames, the brand awareness encourages more individuals to buy from the brand. These profits may not have come if they didn’t opt for a gift with purchase - this is how impactful freebies are.

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