Wednesday 1 June 2016

Promo Gift – Free Bath Items from Dove

It is very relaxing when, after more than eight hours of being in the office or field, you can soak away all your exhaustion in soapy warm water and stay there for as long as you please. You can also find it easier to clear or make your thoughts while bathing. Why, Archimedes loved his bath times so much that at one time he succeeded in finding out how to detect the amount of alloy mixed in the Syracuse King’s golden crown.

Hence, you will enjoy using these free bath items from Dove, which includes a miniature bathtub and a blue puff.

Promo Gift – Free Bath Items from Dove

Sterile Benefits of Dove’s On-Pack Promotion
  • Cute Bath Display. This promo gift is something that kids and women, and hopefully men, will like in their bathroom, because it’s just cool to have a mini tub beside the life-sized tub. When they have this constant reminder every time they enter the bathroom, they will not forget to purchase more Dove products.
  • Social Status Uplifting. When the brand becomes known not only for their high-end merchandise but also for their gift with purchase, it uplifts their social standing. More people will transfer their trust on them, and more sales will come in.
  • Higher Commercial Value. So many bath and haircare brands are in the market today, but only a few give away free bath items or any freebie. If the brand is unfailing with their promotional ideas, the consumers will choose to buy their products instead of picking another brand.

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