Tuesday 31 May 2016

Branded Brush – PROHAIRKIT Gift with Purchase

People in every country follow different beliefs that have no scientific explanation, so whether they are a myth or a fact is still debatable. One of these beliefs that some women throughout the planet have is that you have to brush your hair 100 times every day to make it healthier, shinier and softer. We all know how significant it is to keep our crowning glory constantly beautiful, because it is a part of how we can present ourselves to other people better.

This large brush made by Janeke is the latest gift with purchase from PROHAIRKIT. Further down you can find the reasons why this is one of the best promos they have.

Branded Brush – PROHAIRKIT Gift with Purchase

  • Truly Practical. When styling one’s hair, brushes are more sought after than combs since they are handy in removing tangles, fluffing hair, or even becoming impromptu rollers. If you try rolling hair around a comb, you may need to cut that chunk of hair and still be unable to untangle it from the comb. Hence, this promo gift is truly practical.
  • Inflates Customer Loyalty. The loyalty that the consumers give to the brand may inflate when they realize that the gift with purchase instore for them is high-quality and has come from a well-known external brand. This will make the people’s love for ProHairKit and for Janeke to grow even more.
  • Deepens Brand Significance. The branded brush will make the brand’s public significance more profound by purchasing a lot of merchandise from them and being the go-to brand whenever they need hair products. How satisfied the consumers are will reflect on whether they will promote it to their colleagues or not.

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