Monday 4 July 2016

Adorable Coin Bank from JuJu Ku

Spending is good. The money circulates; it does not get stuck in one place. The government will not have a shortage in bills too, that’s why they will not be forced to print more bank notes and, in lack of better words, worsen the state of the economy. However, overspending has a big, red X mark over it because this can bring you an inch closer to toeing the line of poverty. So, to keep this from unraveling in reality, you need to save your money initially, and then invest it in worthwhile businesses.

Saving is best learned while still young. Begin to teach your kids how to do it by giving them a coin bank like this on-pack promotion from JuJu Ku.

Gift with Purchase – Beyond the Adorability
  1. It increases brand familiarity. What is great about toy promo gift products is that even the consumers who cannot read yet – the children – are already aware of them. This is significant since they are the future purchasers of your merchandise.
  2. It makes brand more visible. This gift with purchase is big enough to catch the attention of younger and older individuals. It may not have a large name written on the toy’s forehead, its color and design is just right to entice people to get it.
  3. It enhances brand value. This free coin bank has jelly in this image, but if you take them out you will see that it is more than just a display, that you actually use it for something good. The kids need to learn now how to save so that this idea will effortlessly come to them when they become adults. Because of this, the value of the brand is enhanced as well.

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