Friday 1 July 2016

Purchase with Purchase from Chowking - Branded Umbrella

People-watching is a real thing. It can teach you more about life than any TV show. When you are at the mall, try standing in one place and just see how and why consumers select the products that are in their baskets. Possibly it is because they have found a dress that has higher quality of fabric than the other. Or, one pack has a promo gift incorporated to it. But other than gift with purchase, purchase with purchase also clicks with them, specifically if the discounted add-on is either a cute display or a practical item.

For instance, a branded umbrella can be bought from Chowking, a Chinese fast food restaurant, for less than $3 when you buy any of their meals.

Purchase with Purchase from Chowking - Branded Umbrella

Here are a few reasons why consumers will take this purchase with purchase.
  1. Umbrella is not for one season only. When it’s summer, it can protect you from UVA and UVB rays. During rainy or snowy days, it can keep you from getting soaked by rainwater or when the snow melts. The promotional product is technically an equipment for all seasons.
  2. Inexpensive for its kind. The merchandise is made with heavy-duty metal frames, so the umbrella will not break or flip over even if the wind is strong. It can also shelter more people than a foldable parasol. Best of all, consumers only need to add three singles to avail it. Hence, they will truly like it.
  3. Available in the store. Some customers look for the ease of procurement of products before they agree on anything. This branded umbrella is outside the fast food chain, right where they will exit, that’s why they know it is easily accessible. This makes them get the merchandise straightaway.

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