Monday 18 July 2016

Branded Potholder and Apron by Datu Puti

When you see a photo of a gorgeous chef, you have to really think if they can really cook, or they are just beautiful posers. This is because everyone can wear the apron, the top and the cap thing that authentic chefs do. You can get them for a few dollars off the stores if you know how to DIY them. But not a lot of people can make a gourmet dish, or even crack the egg in the frying pan without the shells in the food. Nonetheless, if you want to use the branded potholder and apron from Datu Puti, you may have to ante up your cooking skills even for just a teeny tiny bit.

Branded Potholder and Apron by Datu Puti

Branded Promo Gift’s Perks
  • Exclusivity. The exclusivity of gift with purchase items that are branded makes you feel somewhat closer to the brand, as if you are a part of their family. If you realize, this is truly what companies want you experience – a sense of belongingness – so that you’re not going to leave them for another brand.
  • Personalization. The free apron and potholder can be customized by embroidering your name on them. This is simply similar to when you own a notebook or a book, and you place your name on the flap for diversification.
  • Awareness. The consumers posting their images with these promo gift materials on their social media accounts is a clever way of marketing a brand. When people think they are joining the social network craze of creating posts about everything that goes on in their lives, they are actually giving free promotion to the company and making others aware of their promotional ideas.

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