Monday 18 July 2016

Free Neoprene Case by The Beer Growler

The saddest part of being in an off-site adventure is finding out later on that all of your beer bottles have smashed together due to the constant falling of the car tires in the pockets of dirt in the rough road (thanks, driver!). Hence, you may have to settle with plain water that happens to be in plastic bottles, that’s why their container only has small dents here and there, but nothing has been broken through.

If only you have had this free neoprene case from The Beer Growler, you would not need to deal with such an awful and sharp mess.

Free Neoprene Case by The Beer Growler

Promo Gift Benefits
  1. Makes Drinks Accessible. It is not advisable to drink while driving, but if the consumer is merely a passenger, there is no law that says you cannot take a gulp or three on the way. You can strap the gift with purchase on your body to make it truly accessible.
  2. Fine Design. A free neoprene case for laptops and tablets can protect the gadgets from impact when they are in public. It can do the same for the beer, as it has been intended to fully fit a glass bottle inside of it.
  3. More Brand Consciousness. The promo gift is branded, so the consumers’ friends and family who will see them using it will be aware of it. This customized item is great for the brand.

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