Tuesday 19 July 2016

Kung Fu Panda Pencil Topper from Kellogg's

Kids and adults alike tend to do random stuff involuntarily with their pencil, especially when they are thinking of what to write or draw. Sometimes you will see them flipping it through their fingers, using it to scratch their head, and biting the opposite end. The first two mentioned are tolerable, but putting the end of a pencil in your mouth? That is not very hygienic.

Yet, you may forget doing that when you already have the Kung Fu Panda pencil topper from Kellogg’s.

Kung Fu Panda Pencil Topper from Kellogg's

On-Pack Promotion Advantages
  • Applicable for Everyone. The nice thing about animation movies that have a lot of action scenes is that even older people who do not have children yet can use it. Thus, the promo gift is applicable for everyone.
  • Increases Consumer Loyalty. Kellogg’s Choco Chex is pleasurable for all the chocolate lovers who do not really like having breakfast before they off somewhere, that’s why they choose this product. However, they will be more decided to get this now because of the cute gift with purchase which is not really gender-specific.
  • Creates Consumer Fondness. When you give a free plate to a customer, you may get less or no reaction from them since they already have it at home. But when you have a free pencil topper as your way to promote your brand, you can achieve more positive feedback, as this is among the list of uncommon promotional ideas in the market.

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