Wednesday 20 July 2016

Promotional Pen from Eskinol

Typical workaholic ladies can’t seem to stop working even when they are supposed to be watching TV, marinating a whole chicken, or curling their hair. This, however, is the best form of addiction, because it is a habit that brings in more money than out of their wallet and bank account. That’s why as long as they can do their social and familial obligations and not fall ill for multitasking, their families simply let them do what they love – working – most of the time.

If your sister, mother, girlfriend or wife has the same characteristics as a workaholic individual, you can give them this gift with purchase pen from Eskinol.

Promotional Pen from Eskinol

Importance of Promo Gift Pen to Customers
  1. It does not emit radiation. Career women are technology savvies too, so the only time they are not exposed to the radiation given off by computers, tablets and smartphones is when they are asleep. Therefore, since someone has gifted them a promotional pen, they will consider writing a note on paper instead.
  2. It needs no charging. The on-pack promotion does not have to charge for several hours before it can be used. This is more dependable at times than electronic gadgets.
  3. It has unnoticeable weight. Lightweight promotional ideas are excellent ways to advertise a brand, because they have bigger potential to be carried by the consumers when they leave the house. Aside from putting it in their purse, they can also place it in one of their pockets or clip it on the neckline of their shirt or blouse.

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