Wednesday 20 July 2016

Lucky Me! Lunch Box Promo Gift

Instead of being worried when your child has the same level of activeness in terms of performing physical tasks and eating, you should be happier because other parents have attempted a lot of gimmicks to make their kids finish their meals, but they have worked to no avail. Worse, they will need to rely more on food supplements or milk formulas just so the little tykes can get the nutrients and vitamins that they should have obtained organically from natural foods.

However, the free lunch box from Lucky Me! can be your last-ditch effort at making them appreciate real dishes starting today.

Lucky Me! Lunch Box Promo Gift

How can the on-pack promotion be a sensation for children?
  1. The illustration is adorbs. The promo gift shows a mother and her son/daughter sharing a piece of noodle that loops to a heart in the middle. Though the offspring may not be able to read yet, they can understand what the illustration means and be more loveable to their parents.
  2. Spaghetti is heart. If you have been around many kiddos over the years, you know that regardless of what culture they have been immersed at, most of them love spaghetti. This gift with purchase has this very thing pictured on the lid, so it can surely catch the attention of the people within the target age group.
  3. The size is customized for kids. The free lunch box is just the right size for kids. Hence, they will not be apprehensive to carry it in their small hands, and so the parents can use this at their advantage. 

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