Thursday 21 July 2016

Movie Marketing - Ice Age 6 Free Bucket

Popcorn is a staple whenever you go to movie theaters. It is like the viewers’ cinematic experience will not be whole if they cannot go to the snack bar to get a tub that is almost bigger than their head and filled with warm, buttery popped corn kernels. It may seem like a joke, but there really are people who make the film their excuse to enter the cinema and buy this nosh.

The SM Snack Time, on the other hand, wants to assist its customers in eating their popcorn in moderation, so that those who should be on a strict diet will not feel bad about themselves afterward. Thus, they provide this Ice Age 6-themed free popcorn bucket.

Movie Marketing - Ice Age 6 Free Bucket

Benefits of Movie Marketing
  • Attracts bigger crowd. The promo gift depicts the sixth installment of the Ice Age movie franchise. This means that the first five have been accepted well by the masses and brought a lot of sales to its owners. It also denotes that the free bucket can attract bigger crowd.
  • Spacious enough for logos. It is evident on the image above that the on-pack promotion is adorned artistic designs for Ice Age 6 and SM Snack Time. The bucket cannot be taller than nine inches in person, but it provides enough space for logos.
  • Stimulates brand and movie awareness. The gift with purchase is a great way to market the brand now, and hopefully the next installment in the future. The film has been a huge hit in many countries outside the US, and such promotional ideas can further increase the movie awareness of those who have not seen it yet.

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