Wednesday 13 July 2016

Branded Scarf from Jean Patou Paris

Want to touch up your outfit without looking like you have spent all night in your closet, unable to decide on what accessory to add to your plain shirt and shorts ensemble? That’s easy. You only need a trust scarf which can go with any apparel you can think of.

Just in time, Jean Patou Paris has this as a gift with purchase, so in case you don’t own one, you can simply buy a wonderful spritzer and get a branded scarf for free.

Branded Scarf from Jean Patou Paris

What does a branded scarf mean to consumers?
  1. More clothes to style. The promo gift can open up a whole new dimension in terms of styling, since it can be used around the neck, and as a bandanna, or even a belt. This will not make you seem awkward during any season.
  2. Additional protection from natural occurrences. Regardless if it is a cold, windy or sunny day today, you can use the branded scarf to protect you from such occurrences. You can style the free item like a veil too, so your hair will not be dry and frizzy.
  3. Extra link to the brand. On-pack promotion and gift with purchase ideas are technically what bonds the brand to the consumers. The regular products have this capability too, but a freebie has a stronger effect to people. It’s kind; it’s thoughtful.

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