Wednesday 13 July 2016

Goldilocks Free Bread Clip – Promo Gift

It is such a bummer when you go home, anticipating that you can spread your favorite jam or marmalade on a warm piece of bread, but then you realize that somebody has left its plastic container open. Hence, the bread that should have been as soft as a pillow has gone cold and dry.

Goldilocks wants its customers to be able to enjoy loaves of bread purchased at all times, that’s why they provide a free bread clip for any two packs gotten from their stores.

Goldilocks Free Bread Clip – Promo Gift

Promo-Wise Perks from a Free Bread Clip
  • Eye-catching. The shade of yellow that’s used in all the clips is very bright, perhaps to make them easily recognizable for consumers. When they use it in their homes, the promo gift may never be misplaced.
  • Expedient. Goldilocks’ on-pack promotion offers convenience to the customers at its best. You know how whenever the bread you have bought does not come with a resealable container, you simply twist or tie the top portion like a knot. Yet, either cannot guarantee that air will not enter the plastic, that’s why you will do well with this free bread clip.
  • Visible Logo. The brand logo is printed clearly on the body of the gift with purchase. This serves as the design for the bread clip, and it is quite charming for the people who like the breads made by Goldilocks.

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