Tuesday 12 July 2016

Lord & Taylor PWP – Customized Garment Bag

The ideal scenario when you go on trips out of the country is that you board the plane, go to the tourists, converse with the locals, and go home as a renewed man or woman. The reality, however, is you board the plane, haul your luggage out of the airport, and think of where you are going to put your used clothes so that they will not touch the clean ones. Thus, if you are a globetrotter, you can appreciate this customized garment bag which Lord & Taylor offers as a purchase with purchase.

Lord & Taylor PWP – Customized Garment Bag

PWP Rewards for Consumers
  • Extra Storage. Like we have mentioned earlier, the promo gift can help you separate the dirty from the unused clothes. In another case, if you are going to a laundry house, you can already detach the white and the colored garments, so that you can just dump them in different machines simultaneously.
  • Stylish Clothes Bag. The gift with purchase garment bags you normally see from various brands either have a small logo on the side or no prints at all. This purchase with purchase, on the other hand, gives you more style. Hence, you can leave your place with only this in tow.
  • Compact Goodness. The handles on both ends of the customized garment bag can meet so that it can be worn like a regular handbag. It will pass as such, since the Lord & Taylor brand is printed on the custom carrier.

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