Monday 11 July 2016

GWP from Nestlé Milo – Custom Cooler

Anyone who loves chocolate will also love energy drinks flavored like this. They are not just tasty, but healthy as well. The kiddos who almost want to put a tape over their mouth just so they will not be forced to drink milk will readily give in when they are handed a more delightful alternative.

There is no better substitute for milk than Nestlé Milo. It used to only be in powdered form, but now you can purchase it like any juice box from the stores. What’s more is that you can already keep it cold in the custom cooler provided solely for this beverage.

GWP from Nestlé Milo – Custom Cooler

Surefire Benefits from Customized Coolers
  1. Maintains Product Tastiness. An energy drink is usually consumed when you are playing a sport outdoors. It tastes when lukewarm, but it will be even better when it is as if it just came from the refrigerator. The gift with purchase can make this happen.
  2. Suitable for the Outdoors. Bringing a chest full of ice for one chocolatey malt beverage is impractical. Yet, you can still have a cool Milo when you get their in-pack promotion. This item can prevent the hot temperature from affecting the drink.
  3. Brilliant Promo Gift. This is an intelligent promo gift, for the reason that it is useful for the consumers and an effective way to promote a brand. The manufacturer did not make use of a lot of designs – the brand logo and some sports stuff are enough.

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