Friday 8 July 2016

Watsons Gift with Purchase - Free Clutch Bag

When you go out with the intention of buying your essentials, and then all of a sudden you are going home with a promo gift that you have not expected, can you imagine what kind of luck must have befallen you that day?

That is an advantage of trusting a big brand. They always have a lot of promotional ideas in gear, one after the other. An example of this is Watsons, which has new freebies monthly. The latest one is a clutch bag with ethnic designs.

Watsons Gift with Purchase - Free Clutch Bag

What marketable points are Watsons counting on?
  • User-friendliness. A bigger number of the brand’s consumers are women who often have demanding careers as mothers or members of the labor force. Thus, they have no time for products that require an instructional manual. It is therefore fortunate that the gift with purchase from this particular brand only has one zipper, that’s why it is very user-friendly.
  • Valuable. Watsons is known not just for being a one-stop shop for personal care products, but also for on-pack promotion or promo gift stuff which can be useful to the customers. This free clutch bag is the right size to put your smartphone and wallet into, so you do not need to carry a large bag if you are simply shopping.

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